(ikst’ant, e’kstent) 1. adj. not destroyed or lost; still in existence esp. of enduring excellence. e.g. of xtant quality that stands the test of time and the passing fads. 2. adj. standing out or above, as in outstanding; the quality or state of being original. 3. n. applied creativity esp. to apply innovative thought and action to questions previously considered resolved.

Founded in March of 1994, Xtant has earned a reputation for designing and engineering audiophile grade products built upon serious technology and flexible architectures to expand the possibilities of vivid mobile audio. Xtant now offers a complete new line of products with customizable features and functions tailored to complement and enhance high end mobile environments. An award winning team has carefully considered features and functions that are friendly enough for the novice user and advanced enough for the serious audiophile. The history of Xtant is a story of passion and dedication to advanced performance which causes you to rethink the definition of excellence.