One Band Parametric Equalizer for X Series amplifiers.
  • Customize Midrange, Tweeters, or Subwoofers to your listening taste.
  • Adjustable Gain and "Q".
  • Selectable Center Frequency.

Remote Volume Control for X Series amplifiers.
  • Adds Control for either Subwoofers or Stereo Channels
  • Knob Adjusts up to 15dB of Gain
  • 22 ft. Cord included.

RLC This Remote Level Control gives the user a gain control at the front of the vehicle to adjust bass level inside the xtant Series amplifiers.

LFQ The LFQ is designed to add, 4, 8, or 12dB of Bass Boost to any sound system powered by an Xtant X Series amplifier.

RM-4 & RM-12
Resistor Module designed for use with the X Series amplifiers.
Increase Tuning Options and Staging
Speaker Level Attenuation: Via Resistors
Number of Resistors: 2 per module
Levels of Attenuation:
RM-4 = 4dB
RM-12 = 12dB

Inserting an RM module onto its associated port activates the "passive speaker terminals" located on the X603 & X604 amplifiers. The RM 4 & RM 12 resistor modules are designed to provide two different levels of speaker attenuation.

4 gauge power and ground connectors for use on X603 and X604 amplifiers.

This adapter allows the user to convert speaker leads to RCA input jacks to plug into an Xtant amplifier. (The Balanced Line inside the amplifier will accept from 100mV - 17V of input.)

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