Xe Series Amplifiers  
Style, Innovation, Performance. Three qualities for which Xtant Technologies, the industry's leader for elegantly designed, performance-driven mobile audio products, has been praised since its foundation. For CES 2005 Xtant has taken this tradition of excellence even further to offer the Xe Series line of amplifiers.X Amp Connectors The enhanced line offers on-board performance modules to make the Xe Series the most tunable and customizable amplifiers available.

When you're buying a new car, you can either take home the base model with crank windows and manual locks or you can upgrade to the kind of custom ride your friends will envy. Until recently, Xtant Technologies has offered a base model with the option to upgrade your amplifier by adding options like bass boost and EQ if you were looking for something more customized. With the Xtant Xe Series, Xtant has done away with the base model and created the ultimate bass model; one that includes the additional accessories already built in to make your ride the hottest on the block.

When Xtant created the Xe Series, its goal was to provide the best amplifier Xtant had to offer with the kind of versatility that every audiophile dreams of. Xtant customers seek perfection and customization and the Xe Series provides the ability to adjust the music to their own personal taste. Offered in X603e, X604e and X1001e models, the new Xe Series is unparalleled in the mobile audio industry.
  • The thermal management is implemented through a modification of the output and power supply device hold down bar. The devices are held securely to the tunnel extrusion providing a more efficient transfer of heat. (XTC)
  • The cover makes all wiring connections non-visible.
  • Xe Series amplifiers contain Balanced Line Inputs, Internal docking ports, fully regulated PWM power supply, hand-matched MOSFET output stage, gold plated RCA inputs and outputs, and a thermally controlled, forced air fan cooling system .
  • Xe Series amplifiers also have Built-in 24dB High, low and bandpass electronic crossovers, noise gate circuitry, sophisticated protection circuitry, and an automated thermal management system.
  • Made in the USA

Xe Series Amplifier Models
X1001e 1000 Watt Class D Mono Block Amplifier
X603e 600 Watt 3-Channel Amplifier
X604e 600 Watt 4-Channel Amplifier

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