X Series Subwoofer  
On to the Science of the X Series...
In trying to find the surface area of the X Series subwoofers, we want to measure that portion of the diaphragm that contributes to air compression and refraction (or sound pressure). This would be the surface perpendicular to the direction of diaphragm motion (picture a flat piston moving up and down).

Essentially, the complex geometry of a cone’s surface area can be simplified to a two dimensional (2-D) surface on a plane. The surface area of a circular woofer is determined by the diameter of its cone including—of the surround. The surface area of a hexagon is determined by two diameters: 1. flat to flat and 2.) corner to corner also including—of the surround. The formulas for the two geometries are:

   Area of Circle = 3.14*(D/2)2
   Area of Hexagon = .75*D1*D2

Now that you know what surface area is and how to calculate it, you can compare the Hexagonal and the Circular subs. By way of example, if you have a Circular Xtant A1240 which has an effective diameter of 10.440", the surface area would be approximately 85.6in2. Measured from flat to flat, the diameter of the Hexagonal Xtant X1244 will be the same as the A1240, 10.440". However, when measured from corner to corner, the diameter comes to 12.055" across. The surface area here will be a flat 2-D hexagon. If you then calculate the surface area it will be approximately 94.4in2 (I’ll let you do the math) or about 10% larger than its round counterpart.

The X Series Subwoofers are designed with two goals in mind - performance and style.
They are designed for small sealed box operation in the automotive audio environment. These products are positioned at the upper end of the market place and are designed for the discriminating user.
  • The unique hexagonal shape of the Xtant X series subwoofer provides an increase in cone surface area of approximately 10% over conventional round woofer products.
  • The increase in cone area translates directly to an increase in sound pressure levels given the same excursion. This increase in cone area and subsequent SPL does not come at the expense of installation ease, as the basket fits perfectly into a standard round enclosure cutout.
  • The cone of the "X" series woofer is injection-molded using mica filled polypropylene. Polypropylene is very stable material that lends itself well to the automobile environment. We use a mica filler that improves the damping capabilities of the poly and significantly improves frequency response.
  • The front side of the cone is coated with a layer of aluminum which works in conjunction with the machined finish of the cone tool to provide a unique and dynamic look to the product.
  • The surround / gasket combination is compression-molded using Nitrile Butadiene Rubber. NBR combines great damping capabilities with extreme resistance to ultra-violet rays. The dust cap is injection-molded polypropylene with the embossed Xtant logo.
  • The spider is a laminated, 2-layer design. Nomex and polycotton are hot-pressed together resulting in a material that ensures maximum longevity, while still providing tremendous flexibility.
  • The die cast steel yoke has a smooth CNC-machined finish and features a de-bossed Xtant logo.
  • The stamped steel front plate is machine turned to ensure the tightest tolerances available while providing a high quality look.
  • The custom tooled basket is constructed of die cast aluminum.

X Series Subwoofers
X104 & X1044 10" 4 Ohm & Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer
X124 & X1244 12" 4 Ohm & Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer

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