X603e Amplifier  
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Number of Channels 3
Watts per Channel 4 Ohm 2 x 75 + 1 x 150
Watts per Channel 2 Ohm 2 x 150 + 1 x 300
Front Channels bridged mono
at 4 Ohms
1 x 300
Module Ports 4-Accessory
  • In addition to the RM8 module that has been included in the X603 amp since its inception, the following modules have been added for the Xe Series:
    (1) PQM, (1) LFQ, (1) RGM, (1) RM12, (1) RM4
  • Fully Regulated PWM Power Supply
  • Complimentary MOSFET Design
  • Defeatable Balanced Input
  • Adjustable Input Sensitivity
  • 24dB/oct Low Pass, High Pass, Bandpass Crossover
  • RCA Outputs with 24dB/Oct Crossover
  • Left & Right Independent Gains
  • Adjustable Noise Gate
  • Passive Rear Channels

Specifications are preliminary and subject to change without notice.

X603 Owner's Manual in PDF Format
X603 Installation Guide in PDF Format
Xe Series Addendum in PDF Format

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