X2 Series Subwoofer   Class, style, and performance are three words that have become synonymous with Xtant over the years. The new X2 lineup from Xtant will not disappoint. Capitalizing on product components that have already been proven, X2 delivers unprecedented subwoofer accuracy, exclusive cosmetics, and proven reliability to any vehicle that is fortunate enough to have them.

The X2 subwoofer takes a proven design to the next level. Many of the same revolutionary features that Xtant woofers have been known for have been carefully carried through an evolution to bring you X2. Increased power handling, increased motor size and strength, along with increased displacement collaborate to make the X2 subwoofer the best in its class. The Hex-shaped cone (Patent 6,567,529) with aluminum honeycomb dust cap provides approximately 10% more cone area than conventional round woofers. This means you get first class engineering, exclusive style, and high performance SPL from Xtant's hexagonal cone. The Hex-shape compression molded gasket also allows multiple woofers to be mounted side-by-side creating a "honeycomb" affect for maximum bass performance. Other innovative features of the X2 subwoofers from Xtant include:
  • Spider Plateau venting for extremely effective heat dissipation by providing cooling around the voice coil where the most heat is generated
  • Dual 8 gauge, set screw terminals - Accepts up to 2 negative and 2 positive 8 AWG speaker cables for maximum signal transfer and ease of installation
  • Black, custom tooled, die cast aluminum basket transitions the basket to fit into a standard round enclosure cutout
  • Steel, chrome plated back plate for increased thermal mass which greatly improves heat dissipation while giving the woofer the custom finish look
  • Die cast aluminum heat sink that encases the motor and removes heat directly from the voice coil gap for maximum power handling

The Xtant X2 series subwoofers are sure to be a box office hit. The components in the new X2 woofer have all undergone technological advancements in every category. As if that weren't enough, the new line displays stylish cosmetic features that set it apart from any other brand in the industry displaying class and grace while still looking bold. While most people buy woofers that fit in with their car, Xtant X2 owners will buy cars that will maintain the image and performance of their X2 woofers.

X Series Subwoofers
X2.1004 & X2.1044 10" 4 Ohm & Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer
X2.1204 & X2.1244 12" 4 Ohm & Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer

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