X1001 Amplifier  
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Number of Channels 1
Watts per Channel 4 Ohm 1 x 500
Watts per Channel 2 Ohm 1 x 1000
Bridged Mono at 4 Ohm n/a
Module Ports 2-Accessory
  • Regulated Transitional Class D Technology
  • Fully Regulated PWM Power Supply
  • Complimentary MOSFET Design
  • Defeatable Balanced Input
  • Adjustable Input Sensitivity
  • 24dB per octave variable Low Pass Crossover
  • RCA Outputs with 24dB/Oct Crossover
  • Phase Inversion
  • 1/0 gauge Power and Ground Connectors
  • Dual Speed Fan Circuit

Specifications are preliminary and subject to change without notice.

X1001 Owner's Manual in PDF Format
X1001 Installation Guide in PDF Format

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